Monday, October 26, 2009


Josie has been struggling with Ezcema for about a year. We had been seeing a dermatologist that wasn't very helpful except to supply us with ointments. The ointments worked but the area around her lips and back of her legs was different then the ezcema spots elsewhere on her body. I took her for a second opinion and was pleased with this doctor. She suggested a patch test to see what Josie is allergic too and what is causing the spots on her mouth and back of her legs.

On Monday Josie's back looked like this....

She had an appointment on Wednesday to remove the patches, however, they wanted to wait a few more days to see if the reaction increased at all or if any other reactions occurred.

At this point she is allergic to Gluteral, which is in quite a few art & clearing products, including embalming fluid!:) She has another appointment on Monday to see if there have been any further reactions.

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