Sunday, October 4, 2009


It is pretty lonely and quiet when the kids are with their dad so for the last few months I have been doing research and praying about getting a dog. I found a few I liked and one I was actually going to go look at and then as I was perusing the internet I came across a little black female Schnauzer named Hope. I instantly knew she was the one for me.

I went to meet Hope on a beautiful fall afternoon. She, her mom & siblings were rescued after their kennel was set on fire. She was terribly skinny, laid back, quiet and just wandered around. She seemed like she needed the most love and maybe we could sit and cuddle, when the kids were away.

The last 2 years I have spent surviving day to day but now I am thriving and hopeful and this sweet puppy was appropriately named just for me.

Hope on the evening of her adoption getting ready for her first bath. She probably only weighed about 2 lbs.

Looking like a drowned rat but very accepting of the bath.

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