Sunday, January 3, 2010


The snow this year has been amazing. The flakes are huge and intricate in their design. As the flakes were landing on my coat I started admiring each one. How each one is unique and intricate and beautiful. God definitely knows what He is doing. I think He created us just the same, beautiful and unique. Meant to be admired for our uniqueness and how not one of us is alike. We aren't alike in the way we look, the way we talk, the way we live, the talents we have or the things we are passionate about. We are wonderfully made by a God who loves us and He loves us just the way we are!

Saturday, December 26, 2009


As I get older, Christmas just isn't what it used to be. The last few years have been quite disappointing, maybe because I am single and have to buy my own gifts or maybe because my kids don't seem to appreciate the presents they receive. It seems there is such anticipation and hype and then a huge let down. Is it because we are missing the point? Are we focusing on material things instead of a baby in a manger? Is it because there truly are people who don't know me and get me gifts that are a waste of their money?

Decorating the tree is a family affair. We all pitch in and get to put our own ornaments on the tree!

This Christmas was my holiday with the kids so I took the week off of work. The weekend before Christmas we went to Tulsa to see my aunt and uncle. It was nice to get away. We saw the Rhema Bible College lights, which are a must see. Went to the dollar theater and saw Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs, which was much enjoyed by both kids and adults. My aunt took the kids shopping for new shoes for Christmas and we got to eat at Zio's!

Wednesday we went to Fun City to play for the afternoon and then went to the Fayetteville square to see the lights. Thursday we saw Chipmunks, The Squeakquel and it was great! We also made a Happy Birthday Jesus cake, which has become a tradition with the kids and I. Josie decorated the cake all by herself this year. She was very creative and talented with the frosting tips!

We had a white Christmas this year, which was truly enjoyable! The only bad thing was that it delayed family, who were not able to come until Saturday. So we had Christmas 2 days in a row.

My kids had quite a few not so good moments throughout the week. They were mean to each other, disobedient and rude so they didn't get to open any presents (that I got them), on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. And as it turned out (due to weather, already getting shoes from Aunt & Uncle and Papa Bud not getting them anything) they didn't get to open any presents. On top of that the kids went to their dad's and weren't there on Saturday to open presents from my sister, or dad and stepmom.

The kids got to open their presents about a week later and enjoyed them.

I think it was a good lesson for them or at least I hope so!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

My Grandpa Bud got a fryer and wanted to use it to make the Thanksgiving Turkey. It was quite the experiment and we learned that the less time you cook it the better. It was a little dry and Grandpa was very disappointed. For Christmas dinner he is going to try again!

Here is everyone checking out the fryer and waiting for the oil to reach the perfect temp.

This poor bird has no idea what it is in for!

Into the fryer it goes!

A little crispy!:)

Here is my poor dog, exhausted, after playing with 2 other dogs for many hours!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

U of A Homecoming

Work gave me 2 free tickets for club seating to the U of A Homecoming game. I took my Grandpa Bud. We had a great time!

Here is the band during the halftime show.

Here's my Grandpa Bud and I!:)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween 2009

The kids were with BJ for the holiday but the Wednesday before we went to St. Stevens' Fall Festival with our friends the Lunsfords.

Josie was a Rose Witch and Declan was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Monday, October 26, 2009


Josie has been struggling with Ezcema for about a year. We had been seeing a dermatologist that wasn't very helpful except to supply us with ointments. The ointments worked but the area around her lips and back of her legs was different then the ezcema spots elsewhere on her body. I took her for a second opinion and was pleased with this doctor. She suggested a patch test to see what Josie is allergic too and what is causing the spots on her mouth and back of her legs.

On Monday Josie's back looked like this....

She had an appointment on Wednesday to remove the patches, however, they wanted to wait a few more days to see if the reaction increased at all or if any other reactions occurred.

At this point she is allergic to Gluteral, which is in quite a few art & clearing products, including embalming fluid!:) She has another appointment on Monday to see if there have been any further reactions.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Fall Day

Enjoyed a great fall activity. There is a local farm about 30 miles from us that does a corn maze, hayrides and lots of extras! The weather wasn't perfect, a little rain, but we still had a great time!

The Tire Swing

The Tire Swing

On the Hay Ride

The Cow Train

The Corn Maze

Jumping into the hay!

The Roller Slide

The Roller Slide

Inside the Hay Tunnel

At the Pumpkin Patch