Saturday, December 26, 2009


As I get older, Christmas just isn't what it used to be. The last few years have been quite disappointing, maybe because I am single and have to buy my own gifts or maybe because my kids don't seem to appreciate the presents they receive. It seems there is such anticipation and hype and then a huge let down. Is it because we are missing the point? Are we focusing on material things instead of a baby in a manger? Is it because there truly are people who don't know me and get me gifts that are a waste of their money?

Decorating the tree is a family affair. We all pitch in and get to put our own ornaments on the tree!

This Christmas was my holiday with the kids so I took the week off of work. The weekend before Christmas we went to Tulsa to see my aunt and uncle. It was nice to get away. We saw the Rhema Bible College lights, which are a must see. Went to the dollar theater and saw Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs, which was much enjoyed by both kids and adults. My aunt took the kids shopping for new shoes for Christmas and we got to eat at Zio's!

Wednesday we went to Fun City to play for the afternoon and then went to the Fayetteville square to see the lights. Thursday we saw Chipmunks, The Squeakquel and it was great! We also made a Happy Birthday Jesus cake, which has become a tradition with the kids and I. Josie decorated the cake all by herself this year. She was very creative and talented with the frosting tips!

We had a white Christmas this year, which was truly enjoyable! The only bad thing was that it delayed family, who were not able to come until Saturday. So we had Christmas 2 days in a row.

My kids had quite a few not so good moments throughout the week. They were mean to each other, disobedient and rude so they didn't get to open any presents (that I got them), on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. And as it turned out (due to weather, already getting shoes from Aunt & Uncle and Papa Bud not getting them anything) they didn't get to open any presents. On top of that the kids went to their dad's and weren't there on Saturday to open presents from my sister, or dad and stepmom.

The kids got to open their presents about a week later and enjoyed them.

I think it was a good lesson for them or at least I hope so!

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