Monday, July 20, 2009

Hanging Out With The Tate Family

Since this summer was kind of crazy with BJ having the kids full time and due to having surgery in March I didn't have much vacation time left but we got to take a 4 day weekend and visit our friends', the Tates, who live a few miles outside of Conway. They have a "mini-farm", with lots of animals, a pool and 4 wheelers! We had a great time and it was hard to leave! As we were driving away, Josie says "when can we come back and stay for a week?" I told her hopefully sooner then later!

Feeding the goats.

Feeding one of the horses.

Precious, the dog, whom Josie loved!

One of Declan's favorite things about the trip, Red, the dog.

Josie on the 4 wheeler

Dec on the 4 wheeler (he did not need any coaxing to give a "thumbs up")!
This was his favorite activity on the trip!

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